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Platform and features


You won!

Why choose WEBTOOL



For creatives
B2B solution to manage your own web development department. Start your website from universal structure and build around it with components that we call modules. Unleash your inner creativity and design.
WebTool7 is secure & functional platform for creative developers to build responsive websites, landing pages & eCommerce sites of various complexity. It comes together with Closed Source CMS, integrated hosting, enhanced editor, reliable security & qualified support.
Start your project on Webtool7 platform and focus on the design. Open CMS to add content yourself or give access to client to work simultaneously. Edit design of desktop & mobile websites separately. No programming knowledge required to build full-fledged website. Easy access to CSS, JS, HTML if necessary.
Scale & maintain your business with multisite management platform. Control website visibility, clone projects for faster development, add / remove modules of ongoing project anytime. CMS comes with integrated SEO management tool, page traffic reports and multiple language support.



Discover the possibilities ↓



White label





Take matters into your own hands and build on your terms. We will customize the platform to meet your needs; fit it with additional, custom-made templates for your specific business area; add extra modules to make it even more functional.


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Value added

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Why sell someone else's product,
when you can sell your own?

With no technical support
responsibilities attached!









Scroll down to know more about:

  • Standard set of modules;
  • Advanced versions and features of main modules;
  • Languages;
  • Marketing Tools;
  • For Business;
  • Productivity Tools;
  • Mobile and Cross-platform modules.




Standard set of modules

for corporate websites, business cards, landing pages, portfolios etc.

Includes one year warranty and hosting. All standard modules comes for one price of standard set.

CMS Engine
Allways a latest version of CMS engine.

Main language
Main language of your project.

Group of articles

Articles consist of introduction, main text and the picture.


Simple text menu item.

Web form

Module for simple contact form.

Photo gallery
Photo gallery with albums.

Layered layout. Add different modules in every layer.


Simple mobile site
Simple, not responsive mobile version.

Link as menu item.

Slideshow items
Simple slideshow engine.

Menu item container

Inactive menu item, used to skip to deeper level of menu.

Image database integration
Use images directly from image database i.e. Shutterstock.com.

Lite product catalog

Catalogue for products presentation.

3rd party analytics integration

Add Googgle Analytics to every website.







Advanced versions and features of main modules

More functionality for the basic stuff.
  Advanced slideshow
Advanced slideshow engine with effects and positioning options.

Advanced Gallery
Advanced photo gallery features i.e. download all album in zip file.

Advanced web form
Additional field types in web forms (Browse, Selectbox, etc.)

Cart for Lite Product Catalogue
Ability to form and send product list to admin.

Product Compare for Lite Product Catalogue
Compare up to 3 products.

Templates of product parameters for Lite Product Catalogue
Ability to create and edit additional product parameters.

Catalog list filtering
by product parameters.

Related products for Lite Product Catalogue.
Display up to 25 related products on product page.

Product pictures titles for Lite Product Catalogue.
Multilanguage titles for each picture of the product.








Every language is almost a separate website.

Additional Language - Custom
Create custom language translation

Additional Language - English

Additional Language - Russian


Additional Language - Polish

Additional Language - Lithuanian







Marketing Tools

Tools that can help with marketing tasks.
  Questions & Answers
Users can post questions, administrators can answer them.

Client zone
Ability to lock menu items. Access for registered visitors.

Extended Meta tags
Meta tag management for individual pages.

Newsletter / Leave an email
Collect emails for newsletters or events.


Search by keyword on the website.

Paralax presentation maker   SOON  
Ability to create paralax intros.







For Business

Tools that can help with making money.

Eshop Catalog + orders + invoices + currencies + discounts + shipping + users + payments + much more
Pretty much says it all - full eshop.

Banner ads
Display banner adds

  Booking system   SOON  
System to create and manage bookings for hotels, dentists, auto-services etc.







Productivity Tools

Tools that can help to do it better.
  Image Crop Tool
Ability to adjust thumbnails using image cropping tool

Image editor   SOON  
Edit images on server
  Several CMS administrators
Ability to add more than one CMS administrator







Mobile and Cross-platform modules

Tools that can help to go beyond.

Responsive mobile version
Responsive website layout + Mobile version

  Mobile app creator   SOON  
Create mobile application for Android and iOS.



„WebTool“ is for everyone who feels the need to save money and time and develop an unlimited number of website of various complexity. This includes IT companies, advertising agencies and organisations (political, sporting etc.) or companies or persons that starts new website-development business – B2B.

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